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A Taste of France

From the market

From the market

In three words:  I Love France.

IMG_4968cc IMG_5136ccweb Memories of France between my husband and I were a little sour because although it was the dry season, it rained 9 out of the 10 days we were there. The showers came everyday with little breaks of sunshine where I was able to take these pictures. Almost a year later after viewing the photos again we suddenly forgot all the wet moments and fell in love with France again.      IMG_4957cc IMG_4919cc IMG_4948cc IMG_5273cc IMG_4975cc IMG_4325cccrop IMG_5124cc IMG_4794cccrop IMG_4964cc IMG_4987cccrop IMG_4395cccrop IMG_4783cc IMG_4565cc IMG_5115cc IMG_5366cccrop

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