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A Blooming in Washington DC

CBlossoms040813_0452ccIn the early morning light perhaps on the second or third warm day broken from winter, a very special gift of bloom arrives in Washington DC. When I arrived at the Tidal Basin of the Potomac River where the famous Cherry Blossom Trees bloom every Spring, I was stunned at their delicious cotton candy beauty. Stepping into the area of the trees was like stepping into a whole demenction of silent happiness. There were many people around including some professional photographers with accordions of lenses as well as some families with small children. I was taken back by the stillness the same way neighbors on a block feel the silence of a first snow.  Everyone including the young seemed to keep their movements small and voices to a whisper inorder to uphold the mystical silence that took hold of the space. Natural beauty like this is rare and everyone knew not to disturb it.

Situated next to the Kutz Bridge is a particularly beautiful spot where blossom tree branches engulf the winding path along the water into a tunnel of flowers. Spring came very late for us here in D.C. and since the blossoms only bloom at their peak for a few days in warm weather their arrival was a very special event. Although the festival includes street venders, craftsman, dance performances, parades and live music I couldn’t leave the area beneath the tree’s for anything.  I was perfectly content after finding a patch of green grass under the pink canopy, camera in hand, watching others enjoy their walks with loved ones.  I did notice many elderly men and woman held in arm and step with daughters or sons and I couldn’t help but notice the therapeutic feeling the trees offered. I closed my eyes and let it wash over me. Spring had finally come and with it the promise of renewal and growth.

 CBlossoms040813_0273ccCrop CBlossoms040813_0276cccrop

 CBlossoms040813_0400cc CBlossoms040813_0448cc CBlossoms040813_0422ccCBlossoms040813_0345cc CBlossoms040613_0048ccCBlossoms040813_0335cc

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