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An Afternoon of Tango

My spanish class had an outing to the Museo del Vino in the city of Montevideo one afternoon a few weeks ago. We enjoyed some Tango classes, local wine and of course conversed in Spanish. Check out Mueso del Vino’s website for more information on live performances, instruction and wine selection.

MuseoDelVino_0210ccweb MuseoDelVino_0181ccweb MuseoDelVino_0086cc MuseoDelVino_0129ccweb MuseoDelVino_0172ccweb MuseoDelVino_0229cc MuseoDelVino_0044ccweb MuseoDelVino_0199ccweb MuseoDelVino_0158ccweb MuseoDelVino_0046ccweb MuseoDelVino_0100ccweb MuseoDelVino_0152ccweb MuseoDelVino_0094cc MuseoDelVino_0108ccweb MuseoDelVino_0235ccweb


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