LA shoot in a barn

At work on a shoot in LA, California
Photo by Miki Duisterhof Photography

I started this journey when I was 18 years old. I was a week out of high school, freshly familiarized on every Indiana Jones/ Adventure movie out there and ready to discover my own piece of the world. Someone once told me “Life is only as good, as the amount of life one puts into it.”  That week as a civilian student I joined a merchant marine training ship destined for Central and South America.  We left at sunset crossing under the Golden Gate Bridge. I knew even then; that night was the start to something amazing and symbolized a life of freedom to explore, photograph and feel all that I could.  We visited many foreign places on our voyage including a small Island; Isle Del Coco off of Costa Rica which is believed to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.”  Ship life was great. I took classes on board, washed dishes in the Galley, worked on a pop up public radio station, and came back a few friends and countries richer.

Austrian Woods

Austrian Woods
Photo by Emiel de Koekkoek

I went on to study at Brooks Institute of Photography in California and graduated with a BA in Commercial Advertising in 2007. During my schooling I took 3 months off and traveled with Semester at Sea for 100 days; circumnavigating the globe and visiting over 12 countries by boat. It was the experience of a lifetime and gave me countless stories to share.

For the last 7 years I have worked in the photography industry in New York City; a city that in many ways is a collection of worldly foods, cultures, arts and dreams. I worked and traveled with many magazines on national and International jobs which took me to the far corners of the world. I find inspiration with music, my camera and a unexplored environment and will continue to explore as I start the next chapter of my life. Now newly married and entering the Foreign Service with my husband, we have a very exciting future life together living abroad. I know it may not always be easy, or pretty for that matter, but I think taking the risk to try something new and challenge myself in every way possible…Well that’s a life worth living.  Next stop Uruguay!

My husband and me in Jordan

My husband and I in Jordan


  1. Arlene Hamelin

    Tiffany and Kent…wishing you many wonderful and safe adventures, will be fun following along with you. Good luck….Jim and Arlene

  2. Linda Howe

    We are completely and utterly impressed with all you have written and photographed Tiffany. We are overwhelmed with your success and are privileged and very proud to call you our daughter! Enjoy your adventure together, be safe, learn all you can, laugh and have fun, stay calm, don’t stress, do yoga, run, photograph everything, Skype once a week, and most importantly don’t forget where you came from and your humble beginnings. We love you. Mom & Dad xoxoxoxo

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