How To Start A Movement?

Here is a really inspiring video that will get you thinking!

Unknown photographer/creator

unknown photographer/creator


I find myself searching websites like “Etsy” and “We Heart It” for inspiration many nights when I have none of my own. I look for images with space, distinctive color choice, and a message. The message could be really small; something as simple as an idea to stop, look at your surroundings and breathe. Perhaps my favorite though are those that inspire a moment of possibility.  The ability to dream for a better tomorrow is something that should be present in everyones life. How else would we grow?

“I love sites like We Heart It” but on the opposite end of the argument, I am also sad that oftentimes the photographer or artist does not receive the deserved recognition. Despite my own internal dilemma with posting pictures without the ability to give credit to the maker; there are still some images that are just so beautiful I can’t help but publicly praise the genius and talent that the images carry; and hope that the artist feels a bit of accomplishment in that. Here are a few that I keep tucked away when I am in need of some beauty and hope in the world.

unknown photographer/creator

unknown photographer/creator

unknown photographer/creator

unknown photographer/creator

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