Love Letter To Family, Friends, and State

LoveLetter040813_0004ccI’m leaving on a Jet Plane, not sure when I’ll be back again.

A love Letter To My Family, Friends, and State

I am about to embark on what will likely be the biggest journey of my life.  In four weeks, I will marry the man of my dreams for the 2nd time, on what is almost going to be the one year anniversary of our original civil service date in NYC.

I have many hopes for our future life together, as we have been preparing for it all year.  There have been so many life changes and leaps of faith, and all the hard work is paying off. In the last 6 months, I have quit my current job, moved to DC, enrolled in a full time Spanish school, applied for and accepted a position to work overseas in support of United States Diplomacy, and packed up my house hold effects and sent them to South America.  I am not far behind my belongings, as in a few weeks after our coming wedding this May, my husband and I will move to Uruguay.

I don’t know when I am coming back.

This prospect is both thrilling and daunting. We will be moving around every 2 years, sometimes 3, to other countries, speaking foreign languages, immersing ourselves in foreign cultures and tasting the full spectrum of exotic cuisine. I will wear many hats as I continually reinvent myself. My expectations are high but also open, as I know how much joy travel has brought to my life and I feel so blessed to have found someone who can share that same life with me.

I invite you to follow my blog and follow me around the world on what will surly be the adventure of my life. I will miss you all but always know I carry you and all that you have taught me in my heart.

I only have one life to live and this one is going to count.



  1. Very inspiring. Best wishes to you as you embark on a new career, learn a new language, get married and ….write, write, write. Looking forward to reading more about your adventure.

    • Thank so much for the comment and follow! Yes I just finished with Spanish so I will finally have some more time to write. Im looking forward to following your travels as well.

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